HVACR Systems

Joanis Mechanical is an HVACR contractor who provides maintenance, service and installation for commercial and residential heating, cooling and refrigeration systems. No HVACR project is too big or too small for our experts. We have provided greater Seattle with refrigeration, heating and cooling service ranging from small apartment air conditioning systems to stadium sized refrigeration units.

Whether you are looking for service on forced air heat or want a new walk in freezer, Joanis Mechanical can help install your system and maintain the equipment to keep it up and running. We’ll check your HVACR systems regularly, allowing you to identify worn parts and replace them before they fail. We know residential HVAC systems are important to regulate your indoor environment and maintain certain levels of comfort. We also know commercial refrigeration units are an integral part of many restaurants and small businesses. We take pride in knowing how HVACR systems work, what it takes to maintain them, and how to service and repair HVACR equipment in an efficient and cost effective manner.


From forced air heating, to heat pumps, to furnaces, Joanis Mechanical can help warm your home or office. We can provide the guidance and service to make sure you get the heating system that’s right for you. We install and service heating systems in Seattle for both commercial and residential locations.


As expert HVAC contractors, we’ll make sure your get the proper ventilation to maintain high air quality and regulate humidity in a variety of environments. Without proper airflow, rooms and buildings can quickly become unbearable. We can let you know which ventilation systems can effectively produce comfortable environments at cost efficient levels.

Air Conditioning

Keep cool with air conditioning units customized to fit your unique space and needs. From relatively small square footage apartments to large, open concept retail space, the right cooling system is critical. If you are looking for an HVAC contractor to inspect your current air conditioning system, or want to replace and install brand new A/C equipment, contact Joanis Mechanical today.


Installing a refrigeration system built to last is just the first step. Maintaining it so it doesn’t break down is even more crucial. While many restaurants and businesses may not think about their refrigeration systems everyday, the smallest problems may turn into huge headaches ad costly repairs if not taken care of. We can work on small or large fridges and freezers, and have many satisfied customers throughout the industry.